Property Wanted within 1,000 Miles Radius

Industrial Estates

Big industrial sites up to £10m freehold or 999 years. I do NOT buy sites on the remains of a 99 year lease.

Roadside Retail

If it is by the side of a busy road with parking, then fine eg tyre depots, Iceland, B & M - the usual suspects

Retail Parks

I sold Pontefract at the end of 2018 because I had a complex position with a Joint Venture partner - the property itself was fine and I would buy another one at the right price

Big Retail

Freeholds of 10,000 sq ft and upwards at prices which reflect the devastation in the retail sector

Industrial Land

Yes - but it depends on size, position and contamination

Contaminated Sites

Probably not unless the risk is well defined or it is so cheap it is hard to see how we can lose - contamination is a regulatory disaster area and likely to get worse.


We are currently looking to buy 100 hours of Jet time with the intent of doing overseas deals within a radius of 1,000 miles of Manchester - see Aviation above.



* Big industrial at market prices
* Big vacant retail at "give-away" prices
* Big tenanted retail at realistic prices
* Roadside Investments eg KwikFit, Iceland, B & M, Travis Perkins - the usual suspects


* Within 1,000 miles radius of Manchester - 2.5 hours by private jet so day return is practicable

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